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Plateau Collina (groot)


Plateau in porselein, ideal als fruitschaal, desserts of als tafel decoratie.

The Italian word “Collina” translates to “hill”, “hill country”. Hillsor sand dunes lining up periodically, reminiscent of mountain ridges. “Collina” is completely made of premium hard porcelain. The strictly geometrical structure permits to array several plates, thus enlarging the arrangement to reach any length and width.Looking at the surface from the side, “Collina” offers a surprisingsight and brings to mind a desert landscape arbitrarily formed by the wind. “Collina” may be used as a fruit plate, but also as a useful place to keep various items of everyday life, such as keys, mobile phones or jewellery. Even a strictly decorative use may be envisaged. In order to protect sensitive surfaces of furniture, every plate comes with a set of foam rubber feet, which can be attached if needed.

Afmetingen 36.5 × 36.5 × 4.5 cm

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